Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Lipdub Sexy Sushi la policière

I have taken a break from the blog world for a while. I have got philosophy exam and it went better than I expected! I got 34 points. (there were six basic essay tasks and you could get six points from every task, expect the last ones where you could get even nine points) First my teacher said that I would get 32 points but then she read my essays again and I got 34 points from my own teacher. The limit of getting Laudatur has been just 34 points. Now I have to wait and watch. I hope that my answers will also give satisfaction to the YTL (those professors and teachers decide the last degree!). I haven't written anything in English for a while and I find this quite hard to write clearly. 

Tomorrow I have a math exam and I hate it. But after that I can focus on other courses and get ready for the psychology exam which is in spring. (like Finnish and English, too) (Oh how boring, I'm just talking and writing about school and all those exams. That's quite all what my life includes at this moment. I haven't done anything special, met friends and things like that, but still school is always in my mind, it's stressing!)


Hmm! I have got a new photography project to do! I'm going train for taking press photos and do something with those pics! Exciting. I'm glad that my friend invited me for doing this project with him. (He is studying business education things and he is going to solve all kind of business things and I'm taking the photos. That's nice. Maybe I'll tell you more about this when everything is ready)


That's all folks. (I'm really sorry for my bad English! Maybe it will get better when I'm writing these useless things! :q)

Monday, September 5, 2011

lose your mind and play

I have a flu and I hate it.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Pets, hipsters, bad guys, provisions

A couple photos of my house warming party's guests. I had a goal to take a picture of every visitor but here's just part of the photos. (I was the superman of hangovers! I don't want to show you that part of my hangoverness!)