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diagnose your own headaches

I sat and smoked in Ida's balcony. My feelings were discordant. I'm afraid of waisting my life to considering and being scared. Perhaps this will be the best time of my life and I'm confused. Perhaps there will be even better times, I'm not sure and certainly I realise that I can't know what's going to happen in future. The main point of my thoughts is that I'm afraid of losing my best times because of unnecessary worries. I'm not even sure is there any unnecessary worries, isn't everything that is in my mind somehow necessary and important?

Anyway, now are cooking and listening to I Was a Teenage Satan Worshipper. Everything is okay and maybe I'll photograph someday.

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Portraits & persons

I have fallen in love with the library of university. Yesterday I spent whole day there studying English. Ellen and I arrived at 12 and left at 19, such a efficient day. There is more pleasant and silent. In Turku City Library there is a lot of noise and somehow I found it quite restless place. And in the university's library there are lots of fascinating books! I borrowed two books: Cynthia Freeland's Portraits & persons and Jean-Paul Sartre's Saint Genet. Both appear very promising. 

 Cynthia Freeland considers portraits in philosophical way. She starts with definitions and asks can we have portraits of animals, too. She discuss that do animals have consciousness and can we reagonize animals as individuals. Of course they who own some kind of pet think that they can regonize their lovely dog or some other pet whenever. But if your lovely dog runs away and comes back after a year much more thinner and dirtier, do they still regonize their pet only by appearance?

One problem is also that can animals reagonize theirselves in artist's portraits because they perhaps don't reagonize theirselves even in mirror. And because animals doesn't make art, art as we understand that, it can be quite hard to find out how animals experience art and being as a model for artist.

Freeland also thinks about do animals pose in pictures (for example while taking photos) and do they like getting attention (zoo animals, do they pose when zoo visitors come to watch and take photos of them?).

I have read only twenty pages and I'm very excited. That book is written in English which gives little bit extra challenge. Still I'm trying very hard to develop myself in English. Today I have English exam and I think it went quite badly. Let's see. I'm hopeful haha.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The book changing parties




Ida and Ellen

Anni and Klaus

Anni (notice that her nails match with the mug)

Anni and Jouni

What is happening. Ellen, Jouni and Anni

Some red wine and my very popular chocolate nudel things (those look quite gross but still they were just okay and everyone ate those)

Jouni, Anni and Klaus. And the books!


Last weekend I organized the book changing parties. Here are some photos. Everyone were so cute with their ":C" faces. I got lots of new books and the end of the evening was also interesting. 

Yesterday I watched The Beautiful Mind and I was wondering if I should write some movie critiques. I found this yesterday and I got excited! I watched that movie only with the english subtitles and that gave me new challenges. At first I didn't realise which things were the delusions and what was the main character's (John Nash) reality. In the movie was something which made me confused and still it was very fascinating. And I have to admit that I haven't heard about John Nash before.

More photos coming later.

Water pipe parties


Minna-Kerttu, Artturi, Henrik, Eili

Minna-Kerttu and Henrik organized water pipe parties in the autumn vacation. They live in Helsinki and I made my vacation journey there. I'm not sure if photos can tell how it was there, there were lots of candles and exciting music. One of their friend, Anni, brought some good food from krishna temple. The evening was really pleasant.



Eili and Carlos

Carlos and I :---)

Eili and Sohvi




Eili and Artturi


Friday, November 11, 2011

Friends after dark

Ellen (the girl with red mask) had to do her baccalaureate things, but she got excited with the face paintings. After she has finished I did moustache and the red mask, those sucks but that looked funny. Then Ellen's housemate came home and she had also wonderful make-up.

Today I found excellent place where I can hide! There are lots of books, wonderful interesting books and I felt so comfortable there. Maybe it's the next super place where I can go when ever I want. This day has been quite hard but still everything seems to be okay.

Perhaps the speech about traveling and "interval space" are true. I can tell a secret. I searched flights to Poland yesterday.

sunshine and lollipops

Sometimes I really have happy moments. I just wonder why all things can't be all right at the same time.

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Everything is okay again.

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