Sunday, November 13, 2011

The book changing parties




Ida and Ellen

Anni and Klaus

Anni (notice that her nails match with the mug)

Anni and Jouni

What is happening. Ellen, Jouni and Anni

Some red wine and my very popular chocolate nudel things (those look quite gross but still they were just okay and everyone ate those)

Jouni, Anni and Klaus. And the books!


Last weekend I organized the book changing parties. Here are some photos. Everyone were so cute with their ":C" faces. I got lots of new books and the end of the evening was also interesting. 

Yesterday I watched The Beautiful Mind and I was wondering if I should write some movie critiques. I found this yesterday and I got excited! I watched that movie only with the english subtitles and that gave me new challenges. At first I didn't realise which things were the delusions and what was the main character's (John Nash) reality. In the movie was something which made me confused and still it was very fascinating. And I have to admit that I haven't heard about John Nash before.

More photos coming later.

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sä tunnet jounin! :D