Thursday, June 23, 2011

At Liina's place

I photographed at Ida's place and then I went to Liina's place and tried to find something interesting with my camera. There are some photos. Liina is such a colorful person and all her furniture is red, how cute! I took also some photos of Liina, but she didn't want to show those pics anyone. She is Ida's neighbour and that's how I met her.

Today I got a job in the museum (hurray!) and I'm waiting that with suspension. Before that I have my summer high school works. I'm doing essay about civil disobedience and that's very interesting. Happy happy midsummer day.


Liina said...

Voi kuinka söpöjä! Et kertonut milloin laitat näitä. Hauskasti kuvaat. :)


edmond said...

Hhee, otan joskus lisää, parempia enempi. Sori ens sitten varmaan muistanut :0 Hiii kivaa että tykkäät !