Tuesday, August 30, 2011

monty python and the dress code

Pictures taken in June or July, haha, there i'm! (there you can see my confusion!) taken by maek
I'm glad that school finally started and I have done more school work than ever I think. I haven't had much spare time and you can see it; i'm tired (today at school i thought that i'm going to get flu or something) and i haven't done anything spare time activity. But! After school and the feeling bad -mood I saw Ida, Liina and Ellen. I'm having the very first party on Friday. I'm having housewarming party and I'm excited! The dress code is perhaps the most interesting part of my party. The dress code: hipsters, pets, superheroes, "bad guys" and provisions! I'm so happy that friends are really talking about the dress code and things. Hihi! (I feel so childish, almost!)

The philosophy exam is coming closer every day and it makes me distressed! In the end everything will be okay. It must be.

We have really good time when we, Ida, Liina and Ellen, were planning the party and this sounded. Good night, it's time to go bed.

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