Tuesday, January 24, 2012

And then everything was blurred.

< This is how I feel today. I saw confusing dreams. Dreams about school ending party, drugs, my mother and my friends. I was travelling and I spent a night in my mother's old house where she had live when she was 18 or so. At first there was dirty and dark, unpleasant to be. Then Jasmin and some boy appeared. I hugged Jasmin and Ida was there, too. Then Jasmin left and my mother, grandmother and little brothers came. I left to city with Selleri and Ida, we were eating out in some super cute Chinese restaurant. I was afraid of losing money and everything was somehow blurred.

I also saw someone old friend and we used drugs, that was quite funny. It really felt that my feeling was getting better while I was sleeping. Maybe I'm afraid of school. And when it's ending. We have school ending party at 16.2. 

Sorry for my very unreadable text haha. I didn't go to school today. I'm not interested in going there. School makes me feel irritated and nauseated. I can't wait it's over. But still I have a lot of work to do. And it's distressing. I hate to write about school. I should have something else to say.

I have read Kafka's The Trial. It's published in 1925 and it tells about arrested man who end up in feet of bureaucracy. It said about The Trial that it's the best-known work. And it's true, still I have read Kafka's The Metamorphosis and A Hunger Artist before that.

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