Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The ghost haunt in the midnight

This day was very lovely. First thing in the morning was that I was quite tired. I saw Maek and I was quite chagrined that I wasn't so cheerful as I could be. Last week my mother asked if I want to go to Kotimäki school to listen to Miina Savolainen. Miina Savolainen is one of my idols, she has taken lots of great photos of girls which have grown up in children's home. Maailman ihanin tyttö -project is absolutely wonderful, I adore her and her photos. And the idea behind that project is beautiful. You can see her photos here!

She is one of those inspirating people which make me feel that everything is possible. I got inspiration to take new photos. When I was 15-16 years old, I wanted to be photography therapist. Today I thought that maybe I should be that, too. Can I be press photograher and therapist at the same time? Am I good and strong enough to be a therapist? I'm glad that I don't have to decide that yet.

Today I dressed into my favourite jacket and I wanted to share that with you hah. I don't like being photographed and that's why I look so weird in photos. But perhaps one day I can be my own therapist to myself. Then I could be able to see myself without any bad thoughts. Viima was lovely and took these. I digged up my old trench coat and a bag which I wore two years ago.

I have to take more pictures. It would be very therapeutic!

(there you can see my new project. i started to paint and cover up my bookself!)

After that lecture (there were also remarkable notices about family portraits! and I felt that I want to take pictures about my godfather's daughter!) I went to Chinese restaurant with my mother. It was so lovely that she asked me with her. When that exhibition Maailman ihanin tyttö was in Turku, Wäinö Aaltonen museum of art, we visited there together!

Viima and Eemil came and visited in my place. They bring me some coke hihi! We ate and talked about music (Burzum!) and other things. We smoked hookah, strawberry tobacco is lovely. They made me smile. :---)

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You are so lovely :)